Simplicity updates

Simplicity is a plug-in for Revit © Autodesk available from the Autodesk App Store

Simplicity helps you to create drawings of reinforced concrete structures. Enter the 3D reinforcement with Autodesk® Revit® tools, then Simplicity makes it extremely quick and easy.

  • Add reinforcing details dynamically linked to Revit rebar. The details represent the shape of the bars and other main dimensional characteristics.
  • Add annotations to reinforcement details dynamically linked to the Revit rebar. Annotations are connected to reinforcement details and indicate the main rebar characteristics.
  • Create convenient summary tables.
  • Every detail is dynamically linked to the Revit rebar. Changing the rebar, changes the details, so the design remains consistent. 

Simplicity can insert both built-in families and external families in the document. A powerful tool creates the reinforcing details needed to represent linked rebar, when appropriate families are not defined in the document.

Warning !
Updates available on this page require Simplicity plug-in to be installed on your pc.
Download Simplicity 30 days free trial  from Autodesk App Store.
Updates available
  • new features to create and organize sections
  • 3D rebar automatic creation (column and foundation)
  • improved detail reordering
  • several bugfix
  • Simplicity update for compatibility with Revit 20219, 2020, 2021
  • New 3d rebarset implementation
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