Simplicity Privacy Policy

(General Data Protection Regulation - 2016/679 EU Regulation)

With this information, Studio CCProgetti illustrates how user data is processed and what rights are recognized by EU Regulation 2016/679.


Purpose of the processing

The collected data are used for:

  1. verify the right to use the software product for which the user license has been acquired.
  2. subscribe the user to the distribution lists of the newsletters relating to the product.
  3. issue the mandatory accounting tax documents.

Processing methods

To carry out the described treatments, the following information are collected:

  1. the e-mail communicated by the user (required)
  2. the MAC address of the user's network device to be combined with the activation code (mandatory)
  3. the personal data provided by the user to allow the issuance of receipts and invoices (optional)

In each communication sent to the user there is a link to the function to unsubscribe from the communication lists of newsletters that are not essential for the functioning of the product.

If the subscription to the product use license is canceled and if the free trial period of the product has expired, the information no longer needed will be automatically deleted from the database.

Information related to fiscally relevant accounting documents will be kept.