Simplicity Dynamic Reinforcement Details
Updater r. - Revit 2019-2020-2021 compatible program 

A significant update to Simplicity Dynamic Reinforcement Details has been released.

You can download and install the new updater , free of charge, on all computers on which a previous Simplicity version has already been activated.


--> Donwload updater 

--> Video tutorial

 What's new in this release 

1. New Dynamic update Tab

Now you can set the dynamic update for 2D rebar details, simplicity Rebarset, and Script.

2D rebar details


* If activated, simplicity 2D rebars details are updated on every 3d linked rebar modification.

* If not activated, simplicity 2D rebars details must be refreshed manually by command.
* Refresh command refresh the 2D details selected (if any). Refresh all, in the other case.


* If activated, the new simplicity Rebarsets (see next) are updated on any modification of rebarset rebar.

* If not activated, simplicity Rebarset must be refreshed manually by command . Refresh command refresh the selected Rebarset (if any). Refresh all, in the other case.



* If activated, the Scripts (see next) are updated on any rebars modification.
* If not activated, Script must be refreshed manually: command .
* Refresh command refresh the selected rebars (if any). Refresh all, in the other case.

2. New 3D Simplicity Rebarset extension

3. Now you can define extremely useful Simplicity Rebarsets

Simplicity Rebarset is a set of standard 3D Revit rebars linked together. Simplicity move and stretch rebars dynamically in order to reinforce extremely complex structures.

* Select 2 rebars and click
* Set Fixed Spacing to define the desired spacing.

* Set Variable Spacing to fix the desired number of rebars.

* Stretch Control Rebars to define a varying rebarset.

* Move Control Rebars to move internal rebars accordingly.
* The first 2 Control Rebars (external one) are automatically defined.
Add others Control Rebars in order to reinforce more complex geometry.
Use command

* Add Control Rebars for complex geometry (black in the image)

* Press to show non-Control Rebars Halftone.

* Press to Select Simplicity Rebarset.

* Press to Explode Simplicity Rebarset.

* Modify rebars interpolation method setting Distribution Type combo box:
Spline Type distribution example:
4. New 3D rebars utilities
5. Useful rebars filter and Hide/Isolate command

* Press to open Filter Window
Select up to 3 rebar parameters to compose.
Select the values to filter and press filter.
Filtered rebars will be automatically isolated in the view (or views).

* Select all rebars with specific parameter value. Select the parameter in the 3D rebar utility Tab. Press Pick rebar and pick the rebar to set the parameter value of filter.