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A significant update to Simplicity Dynamic Reinforcement Details has been released.
You can download and install the new release, free of charge, on all computers on which a previous Simplicity version has already been activated.

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Simplicity Dynamic Reinforcement Details

r. 3.2.2 - Compatible with Revit 2019 - 2020

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 About This Version:

  • new features to create and organize sections
  • 3D rebar automatic creation (column and foundation)
  • improved detail reordering
  • bugfix


Rebar dimension parameter

Now you can select rebar segments dimension: (midlane length or outside line length).
Use Setting command

Rebar dimension parameter with hook

Midline set Outside line

Import Legends from Standard.rvt

Open CCPr_Standard.rvt and copy useful legends

Sections creation tools

  • Create element sections throw the new command.
  • Select element (Foundation, frame, column). Simplicity will create sections. Sections will be opened in tile view (closing other views).

After using Create Element Section command the views created will form an Element view set. Check and open view set for each element

Each view set can be reopen throw the command Element tree.