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Simplicity Dynamic Reinforcement Details

v. 2018  r. 2.3.0 - Compatible with Revit 2018

What's in Simplicity 2018 rel. 2.3.0:

  • New tool for rebar details setting. Now you may set your preference about: 

    • rebar length unit 
    • number of digits after decimal point
    • prefix to use for variable length segments
    • default rebar dimension
    • hook dimension format
    • toggles for select display hook options
  • Representation of details, now is possible:

    • choose real or scaled representation of details
    • set the default rebar dimension to change length of simplified details
  • The representation of hook has ben strongly improved.

    • now aligned to rebar segment.
    • your preferred text representation combine length and angle.
    • set Hooks annotation visibility through the instances parameter
  • New tools for checking details, now is possible:

    • find and remove un-linked details
    • discover which and how many details are linked to 3D rebar
  • New tool for easy managing system family

    • list family and type
    • list family instances in the project
    • update Simplicity system family to properly use the App
  •  Several bugs fixed.